The Problematic world of NLP

Now that we have met with NLP, we can go on to discuss the question of why.

Why is NLP perceived as problematic ?

When we look at the history of NLP, we can also ask…why did it take NLP so long to surface and become so popular?

The answer to those two questions can probably be, the fact that NLP is a body of growing knowledge.

The other that NLP is very systematic and includes a lot of methods and techniques.

At the beginning the originators used a special jargon in order to explain the methods and techniques.

There were those who found it difficult to understand the language.

There were those who believed the system to be too complicated.

Even today, there are those who want only parts of the system and find it difficult to accept the fact, that in order to know, one must learn.

There are so many variants and variables that one has to learn methodically in order to achieve proficiency.

Yet when you look at the things one must learn you can see that every part is a stepping stone to the next one.

It starts with the understanding of our brain and how it works. It goes on to how our senses gather the input. How our brain processes the information and how we produce the output.

When we have that, we go on to learn how to read and understand the information we gather.

We proceed in learning how language works on our brain. We learn of the different ways people present the information they have gathered.

From here we go on to learn how we can bring change or just teach others how to do something with exceptional results, the same as the model we modeled.

As we can see there is a lot of knowledge to be obtained.

From gathering information easily and correctly, through interpreting minimal cues.

On to understanding how language is used and how we can get the correct information by using a model called “The Meta Model”.

How to induce states of mind and how to change them.

We learn to anchor states and break states.

Then we learn how to frame content and how to reframe it.

We learn about “The Milton Model” with which to induce change.

It goes on and on and constantly develops.

I believe that only what I have written until now can show how there would be some people who would call NLP complicated. Yet becoming a professional is never easy.

We can say that today we have become lucky due to the simple fact that the knowledge can be taught in very simple terms and all one has to do is find the right teacher.

In concluding I would say that if one wants to master the knowledge he has to decide that he wants to and go and do it methodically.

One day he will realize that it was above any expectations and worth every minute and dollar of his investment.

Emil Capone

Certified Trainer of NLP, CCHT and Advanced practitioner of EFT.

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