What is NLP?

It is clear that the first article to be posted on this site will ask this question.

NLP or better known as Neuro Linguistic Programming is sweeping the World.

Almost anyone who thinks, uses the name and talks about it. It seems to be the new trend for a troubled World.

Yet I must confess, even though thousands around the World talk about it, very few really realize what it is and how it can be used.

Therefore I thought it would be fit to do our best to reach a common ground and talk about similar things and understandings.

There are those that would think about NLP as guided imagery.

There are those that would say that NLP is a kind of therapy.

There are those who would say that NLP is a style of Hypnosis.

Are they right? Are they wrong?

With this article , my intention is to give my understandings and see how we can reach that common ground.

NLP is not new.

Even though it took thirty three years to reach this kind of expansion it was born in the mid seventies.

Two gentlemen, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, decided to build a model with which they could model people, who were achieving extraordinary results in their work. Learn from the results and teach others to achieve similar results.

An exceptional enterprise, with such great expectations.

I am not certain if they realized at the time what they took upon themselves, yet the World should thank them for taking those first steps.

Because if we try to analyze it logically, one can think that such an idea is simplistic.

It would be like opening a machine, looking inside and trying to understand how this machine does what it does and then teaching others how to build similar machines.

Yes, that was the purpose of the originators. There was only one little difference. They were talking about humans. How can you open a human being and understand how he does what he does?

So they invented a way to ask questions and understand what people are really saying.

It was clear from the very beginning that they had to be very precise about the answers they received . For that purpose they had to understand how the human brain works.

From their work they came up with a model that was named “The NLP model of communication”.

The model worked wonderfully. The results were tremendous.

That led them to form a group for experimentation and to go on modeling.

The three important people they modeled were, Virginia Satir a family therapist, Fritz Perlz a Gestalt therapist and last but not least Milton Erickson a Psychiatrist.

Most people think that these three were the only people to be modeled, yet there were many others.

The point was that because in the literature that pertains to NLP, those three were put on a pedestal and the World reached the wrong conclusion that NLP was to be used only for therapy.

Yet if we look at the model, we see that it is a means with which to extract information from the mind.

If that is possible and it works, what stops us from using it in every human endeavor?

Today after thirty three years we see that to be true.

Today NLP is used in almost everything we can only imagine. From, therapy through business, education, sales, persuasion, negotiations, better communication, sports etc…

It is therefore no wonder that NLP is expanding Worldwide.

In concluding I believe the World should be grateful to the originators for their vision of bringing us tools with which we can make our World a better place to live in.

Emil Capone

Certified Trainer of NLP, CCHT and Advanced Practitioner of EFT.

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